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Retreat: Connecting to the Higher Self and the Heart of Gaia

Dates: Nov. 30 to Dec 3, 2023

Location: Tamarindo, Costa Rica (La Senda)

Facilitated by:

Sarah Breskman Cosme, Author of A Hypnotist's Journey to Atlantis

Ylana Harel, QHHT® Practitioner

Larisa Taylor, Quantum Healing Facilitator


About La Senda

La Senda is built on top of three energy vortices, marked by two conjoined Labyrinths (a male and female centre) with a third center; the Vesica Piscis , the point of creation, located at the centre of both Labyrinths. La Senda's Labyrinth is the largest in the world, and was the first one certified by the United Nations under the Senderos De Paz Madre Tierra program. Located in the middle of the Guanacaste dry-tropical forest, La Senda offers a perfect passage into another dimension. Whereas a labyrinth with multiple paths may get you lost, a unicursal labyrinth has only one path, symbolizing our life journey, which takes us deeper and deeper. La Senda offers glamping accommodations in the middle of the tropical jungle, located beside the transformative energy of the labyrinth. 

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