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The Ring of Humanity

A 12-step community for spiritual seekers offering teachings and techniques to transcend the predicament of the human condition and its inherent suffering. 

We offer two free weekly discussions focused on understanding and transcending the predicament of the Human Condition and its inherent suffering. In these calls, we will be providing you with a taste of the teachings and techniques we offer that solve our human predicament and to share our experience, strength, and hope so that we rise together.

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Our community is specifically designed to catalyze spiritual transformation via our 12 steps and agreements. As a fellowship of spiritual seekers, we evolve together by practicing these teachings in our daily lives, which is our greatest teacher. We have found that this solution works and we see these teachings as a living, breathing solution for every problem we could ever have and so we rigorously commit ourselves to this journey.

We’ve combined the most comprehensive modality of understanding The Human Condition (Gene Keys) with a technique for transcending the suffering (Detachment & Purification) in a format designed to optimize our ongoing efforts (12 steps). Together, we seek to evolve our consciousness so we can free ourselves from suffering and experience the true magic of life.

Lisa K Andrews Miller

Hi Ylana I just want to share with you how beautiful the mentorship program is. I had the most amazing experience this morning. A wonderful connection was made. I had so much self-doubt when I signed up last night. I can tell you now that it was meant to be. To complete strangers literally coming together, helping each other, with no judgment only love. It gave me chills.  Thank you . You have started something so wonderful and much needed. I am so grateful I stepped outside of my comfort zone and self-doubt. It is an affirmation that we are all connected and in this together. It's absolutely beautiful.
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