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About Me

My name is Ylana Harel and I am a quantum hypnosis healing technique (QHHT®) practitioner living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.


I support the healing of ancestral and karmic wounding and show my clients how to access their higher self in order to transmute layers of 'false construct' conditioning. My intention is to invite clients into a loving container, where they receive deep clarity about their soul blueprint, karmic pattern, and 'not-self' conditioning. I offer individual and group sessions, ongoing mentorships, post-session integration, and in-person workshops. In addition to QHHT®  , The Gene Keys and Human Design frameworks support and uplift my practice.


I began my spiritual journey at the age of 21, after suffering yet another nervous breakdown. This time, I decided to take a break from university, and went back to the Philippines to attend a silent retreat at a Christian monastery. I was not a religious person by any means, but was desperate for change, having spent the last several years in a very dark space, engaged in cycles of addiction and chronic anxiety. While at the monastery one afternoon, I said a short prayer, ‘please, God, if you exist, help me. Please help me.’

The next moment, everything shifted. My mind fell silent – the sense of ‘me’ dissolved, and in its place was this Infinite, Intelligent, Unconditionally Loving, Deeply Alive Intelligence/ Awareness. Although there was no sense of ‘Ylana’ in that moment, the thought arose, ‘I am home. I am always home. I AM that I AM.’ It was the first time I had felt truly and deeply alive.

The moment passed, but I knew my life had radically changed, because my consciousness felt brand new. It was during this period that I became aware of the trauma and emotional scarring that took place within my ancestral lines. I began to understand how core beliefs and blockages are created (samskaras) and how, over time, they shape our reality and sense of identity. Needless to say, this was a period marked by confusion, as I began a deep process of deconditioning; on one hand, I was waking up to the beauty and vastness of Consciousness, and at the same time, I was chin deep in shadow work, while working full time within the corporate world, attempting to climb the 'social ladder' along with the rest of my peers. In hindsight, this period of deep deconditioning and unraveling, provided me with the clarity and humility to allow Grace to flower within each layer of my being.

My spiritual path is rooted within the lineages of self-inquiry, the Gene Keys and Human Design, as well as Shamanic and plant medicine healing. When I discovered the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) , I knew I had found my deepest calling, as this powerful modality represents the culmination of skills that I developed along my pathway of awakening. It is now my great honor to be of service and to use my experience to support others on their journeys of deconditioning and ascension.

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“Your greatest awakening comes when you become aware of your infinite nature.”
― Amit Ray

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