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Connect to the Higher Self and

the Heart of Gaia

Dates: Jan 10-14, 2025

Location: Tamarindo, Costa Rica (La Senda)

Price: $2,333 

Facilitated by:

  • Sarah Breskman Cosme, Master Hypnotherapist, Bestselling Author of A Hypnotist's Journey to Atlantis

  • Ylana Harel, QHHT® Practitioner

  • Brad and Sarah, Ayahuasca Facilitators

Come and bathe within an energy of radical acceptance, gentleness, and deep clarity.

Connect to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and be held by an immeasurable presence of beauty and love.

Come home to yourself and discover a profound connection to an infinite light.

Share this experience with other souls on the same pathway and discover these ‘hidden’ treasures while being held within a sacred circle of friendship and intimacy.

Partake in ancient traditions of Grandmother Ayahuasca, drumming, singing, and bathing in nature, while remembering your soul’s deepest calling. 

What you’ll do:

  • Deeply healing meditative journeys and past life regressions

  • Purifying rituals (guidance on nutrition for ascension, sweat ceremony, plant medicine walk)

  • Plant medicine ceremony with Grandmother Ayahuasca* (Please review the ayahuasca ceremony medical guidelines here)

  • Sacred sharing circles

*Note: Should you choose to opt out of the ayahuasca ceremony, you will instead partake in a delicious organic 3-course meal served with artisanal wine or beer, and enjoy a special activity.

What’s included:

Retreat activities, ayahuasca ceremony, airport shuttle, all meals* and accommodations. Snacks, drinks, tea, and coffee will be served all day.

* All meals are made with locally sourced, organic ingredients grown right at the venue.


Come and join us at La Senda, located in the dry tropical forest of Costa Rica, where you’ll be held within a sacred energy field, built on top of a triune energy vortex, connecting and syncing your heart to the heartbeat of Mother Earth; where you’ll be surrounded by the enchanting rhythms of nature, greeted by howler monkeys, a variety of birds, flora and fauna, and horses roaming freely on the land. Only a few kilometers away from the famous Playa Tamarindo, it was the powerful energy of the land and Mother Earth in all its splendor which attracted owners, Anne and Griet, to establish a center and labyrinth there. Indeed, La Senda is built on top of three energy vortices, marked by two conjoined Labyrinths (a male and female center) with a third center; the Vesica Pisces, located at the center of both Labyrinths. La Senda's Labyrinth is the largest in the world, and was the first one to be certified by the United Nations under the Senderos De Paz Madre Tierra program. Whereas a labyrinth with multiple paths may get you lost, a unicursal labyrinth has only one path, symbolizing our life journey, which takes us deeper and deeper.

Organic Fare

La Senda houses a 100% organic and sustainable vegetable garden. With the help of a young eco-agronomist, La Senda’s owners embarked on a big project: growing a large variety of vegetables in the tropics to provide chefs with locally sourced organic ingredients for restaurants in the area, and the farm-to-table experience at La Senda. This enables La Senda to offer the best cuisine in the area, while also providing the opportunity to experience the true flavor of Costa Rica’s freshly grown produce. While the cuisine is a fusion and not exclusive, the chef loves to prepare tasty vegetarian and vegan meals and can cater to any type of allergy.

Who Are We
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