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Gene Keys and Human Design
Discovering Your Light Signature & Karmic Blueprint

Take a deep dive into your karmic/dharmic blueprint, in order to discover and embody your most authentic self. I provide a deep analysis of your soul and karmic blueprint using the gene keys and human design system. In addition to the analysis, I provide a guided Akashic journey to support you in the embodiment of your authentic blueprint. Ongoing mentorship is also available for optimal integration and embodiment.

About the Gene Keys and Human Design

Human Design

Human Design is a system of self-discovery and personal growth that combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics, indicating how someone is designed to exchange energy with the world. Therefore, your human design chart is a blueprint of who you are, revealing information about your personality, tendencies, and energetic aura. For more information, visit

The Gene Keys 

Based on a fundamental code of consciousness and inspired by the Chinese I Ching, the Gene Keys are an inner journey of contemplation whose purpose is to transform our shadows into light, and to unpack core beliefs about who we are, thus raising our lives into a whole new level of awareness. An extension of the Human Design System, The Gene Keys are an invaluable tool for understanding the human condition along the pathway of evolution, as they map out the 64 archetypes that describe the universal attributes of consciousness.

Each Gene Key (or archetype) has a frequency that spans from Shadow to Gift to Siddhi (the siddhi is a term that describes the awakened state). All that is required to reach the frequency that pulls us out of the shadow — is understanding and awareness. When this understanding dawns within us, we immediately begin to transcend our programming. For more information, visit

Lisa K Andrews Miller

Hi Ylana I just want to share with you how beautiful the mentorship program is. I had the most amazing experience this morning. A wonderful connection was made. I had so much self-doubt when I signed up last night. I can tell you now that it was meant to be. To complete strangers literally coming together, helping each other, with no judgment only love. It gave me chills.  Thank you . You have started something so wonderful and much needed. I am so grateful I stepped outside of my comfort zone and self-doubt. It is an affirmation that we are all connected and in this together. It's absolutely beautiful.
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