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Body-Mind-Heart Connection

One of the greatest challenges we as humans face is the disconnect between body-mind-heart. This disconnect leads to corruption, that is, an incomplete understanding of the whole, which leads to psychosis, disease, destruction and other 'ills' that us human beings face. The mind exists in the realm of the infinite - it travels beyond time and space - it sees past, present and future, it can come up with miraculous solutions to seemingly impossible problems. The mind's limitation comes in when integrating it into the realm of matter. Our human bodies obviously exists in the realm of matter, and functioning within this realm is totally different than functioning within the mind space.

The problem is, the mind has not been properly introduced to the body. It is as if they both exist in one space, and yet have not quite met one another, remaining deaf and blind to one another's reality.

The reality for the human being is that it consists of a perfect and simultaneous weaving between mind, heart and body. none of these were meant function in isolation - and yet we live and act as if they do. Therefore, we rarely, if ever, respond to actual Reality. Instead, we are responding to a corrupt and incomplete experience of our humanity. Our society places so much emphasis on the mind space, while the body's wisdom and emotional intelligence take the back seat. And so we are living within this ignorance and imbalance. And, to make matters worse - when it comes to mental understanding, even when we think we are being honest with ourselves - if over 90 percent of our consciousness is unconscious, then we can only be as honest as our conscious awareness allows us to be (resulting in unconsciously driven behavior).

The body's intelligence is anchored in the present moment and therefore it communicates and experiences very differently from the mind. Emotion is what connects or bridges the gap between them - without meeting open heartedly, and listening to our emotions (as they arise w/in the body) then we are truly lost, confused, incomplete.

When these aspects of our humanity are in harmony with one another - our perception shifts, our experience of Life, here and now, in this body, as a human being, shifts. This is when miracles and vitality and bliss are experienced as flow - these emotions are a result of Inner Harmony.

Most importantly, there is an Awareness that observes all of this - it witnesses the mind and thought space, it witnesses the body and the emotional space, it Sees, it observes - and it is none of those things, it is not the mind, not the body, not the emotions - for if it were, it would not be able to observe and witness them. Our awareness is always present - our job is to make this awareness conscious in order to create the possibility for this Inner Harmony.

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