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How to Surrender - A Process of Becoming

Updated: May 4, 2019

For years I wondered what the surrendering actually IS, and wished there was a specific manual explaining exactly one goes about letting go. I witnessed people having gone through incredible hardship, not just circumstantial, but the kind of sudden loss or change that causes one extreme distress. And heard them tell their stories from the other side. Having gone through the 'dark night of the soul' experience, usually involving the loss of a significant other, and a sudden change in their way of living, that then inspired a deep surrender - a letting go of hopes, dreams, fears, plans, ideas. A death of identity, of what was once a certainty of what life is and of who they were. What was most noticeable about these people, was an aura of peace emanating from them. A soft spoken joy that surrounded their being. They spoke to me about trusting the flow of life, living in synchronicity with it.

I sought to understand what this surrendering process was. What exactly did it consist of, and how could I replicate for myself?

It is difficult to break it down into a list of action steps. Because rather than action, it is a state of being. A humility that gives one the understanding, the knowing, that there is an infinite, all-powerful, deeply loving intelligence that IS IN CHARGE. And in allowing this energy to flow, one day at a time, one moment at a time, the synchronicity becomes deeply apparent, which is essentially that we are not separate from this intelligence, but are one with it, with its flow, its knowing, its becoming.

In this state of being, one becomes aware that thought, that is, the rapid-fire, habitual train of thought, is unreal. It induces a false sense of reality that upholds the illusion that we are bodies in a constant fight for survival. That is one aspect of what we are, as human beings on this earth, playing this game, but it is an aspect that is falling away, as higher consciousness steps in. We are growing in awareness, that is, the awareness of Self: consciousness is simply expanding in this way on this planet at this time.

Surrendering is a necessary step in this process. It is a crucial part of this evolution of life. That is why change is happening for so many of us, the crumbling of the old, in order to give way for the new. It is a painful process - but it doesn't have to be. By being aware of what is happening, in allowing this energy to expand (because to resist is futile), in breaking away from habitual trains of thought, and going into a state of presence and feeling and being - we are enabling ourselves to Surrender with love, joy and unity with this expanding Intelligence that we ARE.

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