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How to transform your mindset by cleaning your consciousness of toxic thoughts and beliefs

When we clear our consciousness of judgement and toxic beliefs and dis-identify from our thought processes, we begin to connect with source and our higher guidance.

We need to first become aware of the impact these thoughts, judgments and beliefs are having on us (surrender), and then assume the position of the witness/observer. As the witness, you can observe yourself from a greater reference point, which puts you in a position to consciously choose where to focus your attention. When you focus your attention on the present moment, and on the witnessing presence, you will begin to see more clearly and notice patterns – e.g. the thoughts that repeat themselves, triggering thoughts and the corresponding vibration that they emit within your being – and you will become aware of the things that are limiting your joy and your growth. Usually, these beliefs are deeply entrenched because they’ve become part of your identity. However, once you become aware and develop a deep understanding of who and what you are not (that you are NOT these thoughts or judgments, conditioning, etc.) then you can consciously work with these – re-framing these beliefs and thoughts according to the guidance of your higher self.

By witnessing, you begin to understand how you are framing and perceiving reality based on your lens. In fact, the witness is one with your higher self awareness, hence, as the witnessing presence, you will start to catch/notice negative/false thoughts, and in the moment they happen, you will be able to re-frame these thoughts according to a greater awareness, which includes an awareness that the universe/reality is governed by unconditional love, guidance and intelligence. In fact, you will begin to notice that life is much kinder than your mind perceives it to be – as previously, you were living in a construct of reality created by the mind - and this mental construct is shaped by many false beliefs – such as the belief that that we are separate from life and all that is. The ego-mind sees itself as a separate entity – vulnerable to the whims of the external world - we now know that this is just a perception based on the limited framework of the ego.

Eventually, when we begin to wake up and outgrow this mental framework, it may feel as if our world is falling apart, or that we have entered into a dark night of the soul phase.

Eventually, when we begin to wake up and outgrow this mental framework, it may feel as if our world is falling apart, or that we have now entered into a dark night of the soul phase. Even though the process may feel uncomfortable and intense – this awakening is bringing you to a place of wholeness and expansiveness. It is only the false self that is falling apart. And because you have identified with this aspect for so long, you believe you are the one who is falling apart. But, if you maintain your position as the witness, you will begin to realize that the only thing falling apart is your belief system and false attachments. Why? Because your spirit cannot 'wear these false masks' for too long - at some point, there is an urge within each soul to awaken, and to grow as a spiritual being in this evolutionary journey.

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