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Making a start in stopping your habitual and destructive thought patterns

For some of us, these habitual and destructive thoughts have planted themselves so deeply in our psyche, that it’s as if we are literally living in a bubble – like an invisible barrier stands in between us and reality. Our primary relationship, before anything else, is with thoughts and concepts. In other words, we are living in our heads. And in this space, we easily fall into a pattern of making an identity out of every experience. Every new experience becomes like a template that we must fit reality into, and this is where our truth, our freedom and our connection to source is compromised.

What I discovered along my journey is that we do have the power to break through these thought processes, by making conscious contact with reality in the present moment. What we really need to make a start on this journey is awareness. When we are aware, as the witness, we have the power to make conscious decisions at will. And when we use our free will for its highest purpose, that is, to deny the power of a thought, and consciously choose to make contact with reality in the present moment, moment by moment, we begin to make a stop to these habitual thoughts, and at the same time, we are connecting more deeply with our inner guidance and inner joy.

A good friend of mine used to say that “all thought is prayer and all absence of thought is meditation.”

And it is absolutely possible to create beautiful experiences from this state of awareness. And to enjoy life, moment by moment, with the stillness of a quiet mind.

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