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Being Aligned with our Unique Design

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

We are in the midst of a huge transformation on our planet. This means that our power to create is amplified. We are encouraged to be very mindful of the seeds we are planting at this time – for these seeds will grow and weave themselves into our reality.

It is therefore critical to know ourselves in order to know how to best use our energy, and to understand how we may be leaking energy by performing actions that are not in service to our unique design. If you would like to learn more about your human design, I highly encourage you to get a free copy of your gene keys profile (; they are an incredibly powerful tool for illuminating your strengths, weaknesses, innate gifts, and life purpose. The gene keys provide a detailed map of your consciousness, through which you can begin to explore your way of operating. A map like this is beyond helpful, as it provides a very expansive framework for learning about yourself and your efficient use of energy.

In knowing ourselves and our unique design, we are much less likely to be impacted by external conditioning, for we are aligned with an inner-wisdom that enables us to stay centered and grounded within this awakened wisdom. Remember, it is your innate wisdom and connection to your higher self that will provide a much clearer map and overview for where you are heading. This process is UNIQUE to you, and cannot be learned from someone else. As you learn how to connect with your inner wisdom, you will begin to naturally discard false beliefs and will no longer be hindered or made ‘stuck’ by these denser frequencies.

As you learn how to connect with your inner wisdom, you will begin to naturally discard false beliefs and will no longer be hindered by these dense frequencies.

Therefore, a deep clarity and understanding of who we are as individuals is so important, and as we become more and more in tune with our human design, we will be able to create communities, systems, and to form relationships that are intrinsically balanced. These will be far more sustainable as they work with our innate make-up, intelligence, and wisdom, and provides us with the right compass and navigational pathway to expand our consciousness.

Unfortunately, we go through life denying our true nature and our natural, innate way of operating - instead, we are taught to conform, compromise and to adhere to processes and templates that do not take our whole, unique selves into account. We now have the awareness and the capacity to re-learn how to navigate our inner and outer worlds. We are now beginning to understand the importance of correctly framing and shaping our perception of ourselves, in ways that serve and align with our highest potential.

If you would like to know more about your human design or get a free copy of gene keys profile, contact me for a free discovery call.

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